Create 1.5 Million Jobs by fixing our crumbling schools

We already spend taxpayer money every year to repair or rebuild failing schools. But for the last several years, the money we've spent on repairs has not kept pace with needed projects. As a result, many public schools are literally falling apart. Others are decades out of date with safety, accessibility and usability standards.

At the same time, the crash in the housing market has left construction workers, plumbers and other tradespeople without work to do -- straining family budgets and slowing economic growth in our critical small-business sector.

The solution? Sign below to tell the Obama team and Congress to make our money do double duty by investing in a big way in local school repairs that put Americans back to work.

America's kids are going to school in trailers and other substandard buildings, while construction workers sit idle thanks to the housing market crash. But we can repair or rebuild thousands of schools in communities all across America; and the jobs we can create by doing so would pay fair wages and couldn't be outsourced. Let's make our money do double duty by funding local school repairs that put Americans back to work.
This petition is no longer active.

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