We must cut the things we don't need, including Pentagon pork, to pay for the things we do like education, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. It's time Congress listened to us and invested in our priorities. The middle class is the source of American power, not Pentagon CEOs.

As a decade of wars comes to a close, it’s time to rein in wasteful spending and pull the pork from the Pentagon. We can reduce the bloated Pentagon budget by $50-$100 billion a year without harming our national security or our troops.


Wow, that was a lot of fun! Dozens of events in 20+ states across the country for our National Day of Action to Pull the Pork from the Pentagon. Thanks to all the activists and allies who helped make it a success!

Check out some of the photos from across the country here: j.mp/pulltheporkphotos Stay tuned for a recap of events from across the country. In the meantime, here's a great writeup of our event in D.C.

Call Congress

Call your Senators at (888)-872-1238 and ask them to Pull the Pork from the Pentagon!


Here's how you can fight back against Pentagon CEOs and lobbyists: Join an event in your area below or click here to create a new event of your own!

Can't host or attend an event? Just download our flier and take a picture of yourself holding it to show your solidarity. Email pictures to pullthepork@usaction.org.

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