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USAction builds a powerful base for progressive action by combining the grassroots with the netroots; in 2007 we adopted as our online arm. With our offices in 22 states, our combined staff of 270 committed organizers and our over half a million online supporters, we combine robust, on-the-ground field organizing with a vibrant online presence.

Together we wage campaigns that help enrich the lives of our families, neighbors and communities. We work to create good jobs, health care for all, quality schools, a clean environment and a secure retirement. We work with others in coalition to end wasteful Pentagon spending and bring a responsible end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Every one of us who joins adds knowledge, resources and passion to our movement. And together, we're unstoppable.

Join hundreds of thousands of USAction members from across the country in the fight to put America back to work, and make the economy and the government work for working families again.